"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




What was mangled?  Or more to the point  What was not mangled?

Moot   Cyclist mangled  breaking through to the otherside   Bicycle

beyond mangled   Crushed+bent+ground into pavement   Ditto helmet

Ditto pedestrian’s joie de vivre   Giant truck  fender mangled   Smaller car

tangled around itself   Glass+organic matter  everywhere   Cyclist will no

longer need glasses in his dreams


On Sunday  a 5 yr. old boy  said to me: do you wear glasses in the shower?

do you wear glasses to sleep?  dead people don’t need glasses in their dreams

He is something of a mystic  dolorous eyes+wizard’s grin  says he wants to be

an accountant   Just moments before that crash  I fingered fall finery   local

haberdashery   Heat wave breaking records worldwide   45 in Abu Dhabi  some

combusting spontaneously


They say the Rapture is heralded by fire+brimstone  Horoscope says: you will be 

redeemed  by writhing carnality   Sounds semi-rapturous to me   Young clerk in

store gazes into my eyes   You remind me of the ginger in American Horror Story

His colleague twitters  My smile grows crocodile  When they burned her at the stake

she screamed  Balenciaga!    Do people say this shit to you?


As a hellbent scribe  one becomes the ear    ear in the gutter  ear in the sky    There

is a 5,000 yr.old language  Cuneiform  The word for wisdom  is ear   After the crash

there were no sounds to hear   Tomorrow  imaginary chains  dragging behind the new

ghost  +tears evaporating  where Queen meets Beverly




Summer 2015

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