"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Time magazine   August 11, 1956   Jackson Pollock+

young mistress   +friend Edith in back seat   Elvis on

the radio   Wraps car around tree     He was drinking

heavily   Is artist-life  all it’s cracked up to be?   His drip

paintings no longer scintillating   Critics claimed he’d:

lost his stuff


Jackson was 44  had 17 yrs. more than Jimmy  Janis +

Kurt   ditto Amy     Now I direct you to the faces of Ella

+Louis   in late middle age standing before a mic   trumpet

in hand  voice of African goddess about to be loosed  Flowered

cotton dress  striped polo shirt   Could heal the world one ear

at a time   Sublime Goddamn!   To paraphrase Miss Simone


Music the balm of Gilead   Raise you up   Set you free    At the

Opera  on Saturday  a woman with hands hacked off  as a child

up on stage    Left un-dead  atop a pile of bodies   Sierra Leone

She told of an  angelic voice +plaintive honk  snaking through the

carnage-heap    Her hands a distant memory



If I were a psychiatrist I would recommend a poem by Baudelaire

(or the music of Ella+Louis)  to treat anguish.

(Gaston Bachelard 1884-1962  Philosopher)





Summer  2015












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