"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



If a dead womb could talk   would anybody listen?

In a recent breakthrough  Dr. Matts Brannstrom has

transplanted wombs from dead women  into the living

He has even used a live Grandmother as the  donor womb

for her own daughter  who just gave birth to a son


(University of Gothenburg  Salgrenska Hospital  Stockholm) 


It’s one uterus bridging 3 generations!  said Dr. B.   The baby

was named Matts  too   Whether you consider this Frankenstein

or Divine matters little   Similar operations are planned in Britain

France  the U.S.  Saudia Arabia  +Turkey    The man-made womb

has  arrived


The new wombs are good for 2 pregnancies only   Experiments

with robotic surgeries are underway to shorten the 12 hr. operation

Will these wombs receive a burial?  A 21 gun salute? or simply be

consigned to a drawer in the morgue  marked: Mother’s Matter ?


The most critical questions though  are not logistical  but moral+

mystical   Who would your son meet inside of your mother’s womb?

The ghost of your infant psyche in the throes of a primal scream?  +

what implications will there be psycho-analytically   years later when

said boy is trapped in the massive-mother of all complexes


(kill your father+marry your grandmother) 


Did Dr.Matts give this any thought?  Highly doubtful   Removing a womb

is unlike any other operation  you must steel yourself to the cries of those

almost-born   the organic matter of whom clings tenaciously to the mother’s

entrails   It really is more of a delicate grafting of one human being onto another  

And as for little Matts  he is destined to a life fetishizing   conjoined twins



The most famous pair of conjoined twins was Chang & Eng (1811–1874), 

brothers born in Siam. They travelled with P.T. Barnum’s circus for many

years + were labeled: the Siamese Twins. Chang & Eng were joined at the

torso by a band of flesh, cartilage, + their fused livers . In modern times they

could have been easily separated.


in utero

(In Utero  Nirvana)



Fall 2015      







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