"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Dirty-obscurity of massive  limestone caves

millions of square feet of abandoned underground space

4 +6 yr. olds found there Thursday   taken away from Brittany  23

Living in a wooden shipping crate   Kansas City  USA


Small hands eat from a dirty dry cup of  ramen noodles

Police ask: Why aren’t you wearing shoes?   Because we

don’t have any   While worlds away Germans smile at

migrant children    Paradise Regained


One dead little boy face down by the sea  2 or 3   Front page

of national newspaper: Some images demand to be seen

precisely because they show us the world as it is  +in exposing

its cruelties our conscience may be stirred


Yet the necessity of this indignity against Alan Kurdi seems entirely

naive   Alan needed to be wrapped with ceremony+civility   How about

some respect for the toddler  whose mother+brother also lost at sea

search for him daily   While the father who paid $5,680 for passage on

a  dinghy is busy fighting ISIS in their hometown of Kobani


And on railway tracks all over Europe migrants refuse the bread+water of

police who lure them to giant camps   Same tracks that carried other trains

stuffed with families told to pack with haste:  Take 1 suitcase  & you will be 

given a warm shower when you arrive  


al Purdy soul



In honour of the militant migrants refusing to

get off of the trains  giving NEVER AGAIN

new meaning


Fall 2015


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