"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



the things that i fear are inexplicable

+ primitive   things like: cars backfiring

a footfall too close   flying bugs+bogeymen

a ratty squirrel eyeing my hand   certain music:

think the shower scene in Psycho    psychosis +

crooked sailors in parks  with hairy chins


the things that i am not afraid of: the ttc   being alone

driving U.S. 1 through big sur  terrified mother in tow:

what a girl!   flying to Europe solo   8 weeks at 26    walked

holes in boots in Paris    2 a.m. handsome swede rings my room:

can I bring you a pill for sleep?


not afraid of Euro-creeps   another slimjim  pulls the goalie  from

Pisa to Pompeii  fuckyoufreak   I say!


gritty bars in New Orleans where murder comes so easily:  girl  

lots more famous people than you have slipped on vomit in the

Vieux Carré    as i bandage bleeding feet at a bar called 13   And yes

i am still alive   +still not afraid of death   just the:


the neither/nor

the almost made it  didn’t she



Fall 2015   for my little brother jma  who thinks I am afraid   of: everything


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