"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



My art+culture critic may be depressed   A giant raccoon decomposed on his

street  It was 32 degrees:  A cloud of flies gathered. Then it began to bloat,

as steamy rain poured down on raccoon paste.  I think he may be a poet

Personally I would point him in the direction of Bob Marley  +suggest his

mantra for Fall be: Russell don’t worry ’bout a thing  cause every little thing’s

gonna be alright   Corny as this may seem  It is not  These very words calmed

the fears of a generation  + did wonders for my terrorized child clients: Therapist

you can hit me with the biggest stick  & it won’t hurt   Try it!  


Russell has a 6 yr. old boy   Held his hand the other day  on the way  to Grade One

I humbly suggest walking him to school until he’s 22  when he’ll wave good-bye  &

head to Tisch   Each year the ghost-boy Alan Kurdi will follow behind U2   into a

future where: children don’t die on lonely beaches as their fathers fight ISIS   + the

Chibok girls have come home



Fall 2015

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