"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A lady from far away wrote me today   She said:

Give me control of your computer   So I did   Brings

to mind the boy next door  of 50 years or more   As

his mother slept (I could never sleep outside!  marveled

my mother)  I told him to jump in their pool + he did!


His mother chased him for 10 minutes  hitting him with

her shoe: If Aprill told you to jump off a bridge would you?

He later dropped out of medical school   Miguel sells watches

+real estate for his father  a mogul from Caracas   Named their

schooner Caracas 2: Caracas 2  Caracas 2  Come in!  Over+Out

Sun Fun 1    You cannot make shit like this up


I find that I feel like a loser (baby so why don’t you kill me?)

Invaded  Even more jaded   And somewhere in a room this very lady

is sticking pins in a doll with red hair +horsey teeth   She sits unaware

Silence of the lambs   As rough beasts on slow thighs enter her yard




Fall 2015   Hebrew Calendar 5775  happy new year



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