"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Little boy with a mullet  making spitting+POW! sounds

He can’t really get behind the hero thing   Superman tee

hangs on skinny frame   He will likely be a clerk at HMV

then onto OCAD for a degree in taxidermy    Now holding

hands with a boy named Nico


A dad with 2 scruffy girls in tow tries to fistbump mullet boy

His hand remains limp  Dad of girls: C’mon dude don’t be a

wimp    The gold tin wolf howls in the setting sun  as Nico takes

a leak at un-cool Dad’s feet   He will work at Doctors Without Borders


Over by the fountain a brother whips a sister  with a stick   She wonders:

Why do we have to play this?  +kicks him where it counts   Mullet boy’s

Mum arrives  a mullet too   Tonight the Hebrew God Yaweh will decide who

shall live+who shall die  tomorrow the first day of 5,775


mullet boy – 2095

un-cool Dad – 2031

Nico  will be beatified




Fall 2015

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