"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



ANT 6055H   a graduate Anthropology course asks   & then goes

on to ask:  What kind of person is pre-supposed in acts such as

promising  praying  or pledging?  Is the self performed  and if so  what

are the moral implications of this?  Likely the Pope has come to mind


A performance of the highest order played out last week  when he met

secretly with refusenik-clerk  jailed for barring same sex couples  brave+

loving   from marrying   Kim Davis of Kentucky said: I teared up when

the Pope wanted to meet a small person like me  it was humbling and

such  It is doubtful that Kim even knows what humble means   This sounds

more like hubris to me


The Pope gave her   +her husband Joe  plastic crosses   then he blessed them

The main thing is: Pope Francis brought them into the Holy See in secrecy

Is it blasphemous to say he knows not the meaning of duplicity  mendacity

Did he pull the wool over the eyes of an entire continent?


Likely he took advice from the Horned One  who by his very nature is divisive

warring  +homophobic   A hater down to his red toes   Was a time when the Great

Horned God was wise  before humans projected all of their shadow onto him  then

made his poor brother pay the price for our sins


Should the Pope reclaim his shadow  he will easily see that the world needs many

many more LGBT couples  fearless enough to enter into holy matrimony  Something

that the Pope nor his minions are ever likely to do   While the ranks of the sexually

abused by members of the clergy  have grown 10 fold in the 20th century


Pope Francis did acknowledge their rapes  +is the first Pope to use this word   Yet

how many hundreds of accused priests will be tried & jailed?  He failed to give these

details   or plastic crucifixes to the victims he met



Ignorant of what they are not   unaware of things they are

their memory is lost as Eden   their anger the same as fear

And I am still alive   and I am still ashamed  

(Al Purdy   The Others    + On Being Human)



Fall 2015 





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