"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There is a small wolf curled up in a blanket

in the fetal position  Makes you want to crawl

in there with him  A.G.O. Toronto  chillygrey

Fall day   The docent’s lonely  +he is chatty

Worst nightmare  Brings on a virulent vertigo


Everything seems to these days   Move head too

quickly  +reeling like a drunken chicken (favourite

dish at Henry’s Hunan Palace)  So where is Paradise

on Earth?  a sign asks   It is away from the chatty docent

+lonely art patrons  one gesticulating in front of: Folded

Blanket With Hanger  in delicate pinks+blues   Cellophane

lifted seductively   Provokes poetic licentiousness


Touch me  please!   Docent slides hand onto shoulder   Help me

find everything I have lost  won’t you?   Yesterday a neurologist

suggested an old school Tricyclic for sleep   Cures everything   Go

ahead  google it   The list is endless  ponderous     When I asked

about a nightcap  young woman doctor  United Church escapee

conservative  sensible  unfunny  said: That’s how old Hollywood

killed themselves  


I ignored her   There are certain things you cannot cure doctor

Like driving to her clinic   Car in front of me with Sons of Anarchy

sticker  +Damn The Father  Ram The Daughter  emblazoned on trunk

Also a comely girl  bent over    Secretary at clinic pressing a sleep apnea

machine into the hand of a sleepless man while on the phone   Called him

honey    As in: Honey strap this baby to your face  


Then an aside to me: It’s amazing what they can do these days!   Isn’t it

though  Get you to drive halfway to Barrie Ontario in desperation   Only to

decide that a Tegroni will do just as well: 1 oz Tromba blanco  1 oz Campari  1 oz

Sweet Vermouth  2 dashes orange or grapefruit  Chocolate bitters optional


Docent pushing tongue in direction of ear   Have no fear    Here is a partial

list of what Tricyclics can cure: chronic pain  migraine  irritated bowel syndrome

insomnia  chronic hiccups  pathological crying or laughing  + provide respite

from: the anxious work of maintaining your sanity  While all around you people are

preparing to vote   for Justin Trudeau


He’s not the smartest guy in the room.

But he knows how to reach a room.

(Bob Rae   former Premier of Ontario)



Blanket on Hanger

Liz Magor  Folded Blanket On Hanger  A.G.O.  



Fall 2015







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