"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The gold wolf is in his glory  at  Trinity Bellwoods Park

Are you?  Are your glory days ahead?  behind?  squandered?

Are you jaded +jaundiced?   Are you ponderously plodding

toward a salty Nirvana?   If I tell you that there are a pair of

Chanel brogues  black+gold  at the end of the tunnel  will you

believe me?  That there is a chopper coming at the end of your

worst day  whisk you away!   And also that there is a God  so be

good   You wouldn’t believe me  would you?  Most of my readers

are atheists  a poll on wordpress has confirmed this   also that

someone has visited  SUCK  (Oct. 6)  326 times  since yesterday

+ it’s probably Justin Trudeau


Chanel brogues



Fall 2015  * i will be wearing these to the polling station on friday


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