"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



My swimming badge from 1965  turning yellow (Tri-Bell Deep-Ender)

Slim girl doing a nose dive into azure pool  studded with bourgeois wives

in crocheted bikinis  One the mother of future comedian  She is sweet+

caramel tanned   Ash blonde long gone  His father too   Stocky-hairy   5 ft.

three   Not a little scary  with stogie jutting from his mouth


Deep-Ender girl still alive out there  somewhere  Did her parents create her?

Or did she create them?  Does the past change the present?  Or the present

change the past?  Is chronology a fallacy  or does life happen simultaneously?

(send your answers to: #reinventme)   She walks to the bank in strip plaza

down the street   Model-mother from command post in bed  sends her out into

brink   Bring me the money


Note of introduction in palm of girlhand  cheque squished in pocket   Navy

trench  yellow London-look boots  Girl From Uncle lookalike   Brown pig-

tails with purple tie  sit dusty on her desk now   The body does not lie

Young banker un-scrunches cheque  +calls fabulous mother: Describe her 

he barks  Slim girl blushes dark   Banker goofy-grinned:  Yes she is!  


Girl knows  just what mother told him   Both girl+mother live into future  though

aging brains deliver past when least expect it   Mother told banker:  She is beautiful  

And now as we pass through the final inferno  Deep-Ender girl clutching mother’s

eulogy begins to read: She was a star at 19  a rare beauty  born way ahead of her time




Samhain  2015  a time when the veil between the earthly & spirit worlds is thin





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One thought on “CHRONOLOGY

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Somewhere in the bowels of the America’s Got Talent set an anxiety ridden comedian sits trembling in the corner – the germs of life are taking their toll.

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