"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



We talked of tombstones  + a blue dinosaur  rising from

my father’s grave   He couldn’t be saved   her husband of

23 yrs.  Wheelchair bound for the final 4   went down for

the count in his early 60’s   Steve had small hands


Carl Jung noted that diminutive hands prophecy  an early

demise   Now beside me  astride a bungee rope  a guy balances

spideyesque   +on his T-shirt it says: fuck life  fuck death   Sam

Beckett would not protest


Yesterday at the Beckett Trilogy  in a darkened theatre  coughers

coughed  Drowning out the sound of disembodied lips  Lady beside

me shouted: Silencio!   Cough  rheumy +wet  turned to choke

Get that rat bastard out of here  I broke   I broke  I broke   Beckett

is all about  repetition


The longer a man stays in a form not his own  the greater is the peril

of losing oneself  permanently    With depression there is the fear that

should you get clear  you may leave some of your best parts  in the

blues dumpster    This is not necessarily a bad thing  especially if

mundanities eat your soul  +chitchat is anathema


Now spiderman beside me juggles coloured globes   All things have a

name  I implore you: discover the name of your shadow  and yours

shall be: my get out of jail free card  +my bullshit meter   even though

I need them so desperately  Today China changed its one child only policy

+ the masses will now be allowed 3      Bullshit meter   tingling





Dia De Los Muertos  2015


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