"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



a smooth girl sitting ramrod straight  against a tree

albino squirrel dangerously close to me   as i prepare to

bolt momentarily  over there 2 topless men spar  is it a

hipster thing?  their jeans ripped oh so perfectly   yes you

might die from beauty  in my park today


many of us hope Justin legalizes pot in the coming months

the governor of colorado has said: no new people became users

its just old hippie resumers   specking out my vaporizer   going

to add buzzy-buddha to night time anjeo ritual    these are the

kinds of things you look forward to  when as Pete Townsend said:

all my friends are dead


late last year a woman at starbucks whispered to my brother:

my dreams they aren’t as empty  as my conscience seems to be

he married her on the spot  this his 2nd marriage born at starbucks

1st wife a psycho killer from poughkeepsie


but then  he did have a wicked jew-fro at 9  +lived for anything jimmy

hendrix said   when father asked him what he’d like to be  he said: black

Now gold wolf howling in the setting sun  park going dark  time to run

the whole of a story is never told



Fall  2015

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One thought on “FA

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Pete also said…”Hope I die before I grow old”

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