"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



cackling co-ed intones   Trying to write a poem

Steel-grey day  pre-christmas light  17 gunned

down at a playground  Bunny Friend Park  9th

Ward  New Orleans  yesterday   Dead +maimed

celebrating  with Po Boys  12 inch southern sandwich

crawfish or couchon   merlitons+hot sauce

jacomo fi na ne


It was yesterday too that a five year old I know waxed

specific about what he’d do with all of his money: I’ll

buy a jet +some guns +shoot everyone who teases me

Tiny tormentors weighing heavily


Radicalized at 5 by gun-toting media-minions   Homegrown

super-hero nihilists coming to a playground near you   A descent

into de-socialized mayhem   But what if you had a teacher who

applauded you for living beyond the frames of violent video games?

Opiate for the masses of children


2 brothers of Daesh  1 blown to bits in his suicide vest   the other

dreaming of guns+planes+grenades  +Brussels   Today in lockdown

as lone brother relishes the silence of his final daydreams   His parents

hope he is killed soon


When the shooting finally ended there was a deep silence.  Dr. Hefez

unfolded herself from under the table. What she saw was boucherie –

butchery.  “They were me.  The same hair, the same shoes.  Just girls,

going out for a night on the Canal St. Martin.  ( Dr. Louise Hefez  30 yr.

old survivor  Paris terrorist attacks  November 13, 2015)



Fall 2015

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