"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Think about the streets of Paris  July 16 1942

Let us travel back to another reign of terror   To

Nazi occupied  Vichy France   To the infamous

Véldrome d’Hiver roundup 


Thousands of families were amputated  Parents put

on trains  Children as young as 6 months left to fend

for selves  Only later to be herded onto eastbound cattle

cars   One family had barely enough time to hide small

son behind a trap door


His bones found by prodigal sister  after the War    She

survived Auschwitz    Parents ashes scattered here+there

A strange smell emanated well into 1943   The pillaging family

did not know what to do  when no amount of fumigating could

expunge the scent of small jew


Paris has seen rivers of blood it is true  Heads on pikes 1792

Barack called the recent slaughter: acts against humanity   Have

they not all been?  The lights of Paris dimmed   A tapestry of liberté

A tapestry of blood rimmed tides


But  should we braid together past+present   +dig deeply into micro-

history  we can see  that YES we are all Charlie  + Hymie  +Zainab


Jade water –  the Aztecs called human blood   They fed it – hundreds of

living sacrifices a day – to the sun   This  the only nourishment the sun

god would take  (Annie Dillard  For The Time Being) 


Charlie Hebdo


Fall 2015  O Bartleby O Humanity  Herman Melville  Bartleby The Scrivener



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