"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Bush the roofer visited today  jovial diviner

Single-toothed +agile climber   Beaten down

by water   ice floes bursting through duradeck

membrane  Broken condom-inium hell   Once

was a  time sublime   No chattels   No urban water



Yesterday Hamlet on campus U of T  mean age audience

18    Not the usual phlegmy coughers   Diseased boomers

nowhere to be seen   Sat among the mouldering teens   Smells

wafting up all around me: sweat  yeast  +sex    All instantly

asleep with Hamlet’s: TO BE  OR NOT  TO BE


The girl’s: thick+sturdy  lacrosse thighs   short plaid skirts

feral eyes  Loads of ginger headed boys  pink-skinned +

hunting   Teachers look pubescent too   tight pants   high

breasted   Dreadlocked Narcissus leaned in: Lady your

perfume is sick!


It was beside the crumbling bell-tower  where final bluebells

bloom  we talked of Gertrude’s complicity   His sweat fragrant

+Oedipal   caught in the webby fibres  of my favourite Zara sweater



O that this too too sullied flesh would melt   Thaw and resolve

itself into dew  O most pernicious woman!  Get thee to a nunnery




Late Fall  2015

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