"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



See this man   Modigliani head  elongated neck

Leans against a tree  world-weary about the watery

eyes  Eyes that cried him a River Styx  Pallor greyish

yellow  tell-tale sign of years in cells   Roméo  Roméo


Roméo Phillion: Victim Of Wrongful Imprisonment   dead

at 76   Reminiscent of a child I knew  9 yrs  eyes also full of

un-cried tears  Locked in room  used bed as bathroom  Almost

climbed out 14th floor window   No one would have missed him


Step dad in prison for: breaking my mom’s face   May still be in

diapers  never toilet trained   Took 2 yrs. to notice office had windows

+2 yrs. more to look outside   The cell he was locked inside was locked

inside of him   Therapist crafting a key from base metals    A soul-food

alchemy   Eyes so blue  like her father’s   Countertransferential stew


Back to Roméo   31 yrs. in prison for a murder he did not commit   Twin

brother Donald in prison for 2  he did    See this child  Roméo    See this

mother  Yvonne   Father’s mean-streak ran deep   Sent twins away at 8 while

mother birthing 9th


Residential school for orphans+truants  St. Joe’s  Broke Roméo’s body  Spirit

scarred some too   Run by Brothers of Christian Schools  replete with beatings

+sexual abuse   Lost+living by instinct  a habitual liar  with no sense of right

from wrong  (Roméo’s obituary  November 7 2015)   Multiple suicide attempts

in prison  one with fishhooks sent down his throat


Charges withdrawn this past July   Roméo’s alibi lay buried in rotting police

records   Went directly to the CN tower on the day they set him free   Come

gentle night  Come Roméo  Take him and cut him out in little stars  And he

will make the face of Heaven so fine  that all the world will be in love with

night  (Romeo+Juliet)





Fall 2015


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