"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I am compiling a list of reasons to resist suicide   Other reasons

than as Hamlet posits: The dread of something after death   The

undiscovered country  makes us rather bear those ills we have

This conscience does make cowards of us all


For Hamlet  cowardice  +fear of the great wide open  turn the tide

against egocide   Why not send me your list? (#Itsallaboutme)   Surely

at the top of ones list might be: the pain this act would cause others?

But then again maybe Will had sunk into a depression so deep his eyes

saw only death  decay+betrayal  fast tracking the promise of the cradle

+heading straight toward the grave


Here is what a modern day Will has to say about this human-ape: Our capacities

for making ourselves unhappy  +for torturing ourselves+others  remain undimmed  

We are a properly puzzling animal  not very well suited to contentment or peace

(Alain de Botton)    Twice this week I have both heard+read that we live in the

shadow of a personal apocalypse  A mini-Armegeddon  Should this not breed a

dark buoyancy?


Pessimists are far better prepared for death  as are depressives for the giant meteor

There is a the constant dress rehearsal amidst the glory   Yes!  The bell is tolling for

me me me   And there is no shortage of incredulity over a distaste for the Reaper  Is

s/he not a parental figure?  Even more complex than those who brought you here?


Turn around +face the death mask   Carry it with you in your pocket   My own lip

gloss is so shaped   A daily dose of dress-up-hemlock for the morbid fashionista

Did it ever occur to you that the skull is our most democratizing symbol?   The

greatest leveler of them all?   No race  No creed   No emblems of wealth    No

preference for gender identity


We all have one buried  under hat+hair+skin  a rather thin protection for such a

personal treasure   One that remembers little  the body you have hauled around

Best of all  one who remains guileless +smiling  long after your last stand


So for all happy optimists  you may stave off said Reaper  with a tincture of

Egyptian mummy   Or for those too old for dancing  get yourself a monkey gland!




Paolo hamlet


Fall 2015



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