"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It’s December 9th   17 days ’til xmas   It’s 10 Celsius

Squirrel with white belly approaches me  confused +

hungry   Where are all the buds+cherries  +apples?

Where are the stoned hipsters on plaid blankets feeding

him delicacies?


Sun twinkles watery-gold  close 2nd to washed out suns at

Turner show  A.G.O.   If the global temperature rises by 1.5 C

swaths of Canada will be under water   And if the global temp

rises by 4.0 C  at least 144.7 million people in China will be



A man with a bushy grey pony  (or is it a donkey?)  inches closer

to me   He says: what with urban encroachment  farmland is

rapidly disappearing eh   And in several weeks 25,000 Syrian

refugees will be scattered across the land   Many are hesitant to

come   A desert people clinging to old parents in airport lounges

preparing for ice+snow


*see The Weather Network for tips on how to: Bundle Up for -26 C

(-56 with windchill)


My own immigrant ancestors came from from freezing steppes   ate

only root vegetables for 8 months of the year: Dad why did they have

to stop here?  Couldn’t they have gone all the way to B.C.  where the

islands are warm+lush  filled with fabulous Canadian flora+fauna?


Though in the end maybe it’s a good thing they stayed away from either

coast  as when temperatures rise we will lose Vancouver+Halifax    Moncton

may remain   Now the Albino squirrel  grown quite skeletal since Halloween

falls from a naked Oak  upon my naked knee  Won’t someone kiss my Dopamine?





Winter 2015




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