"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



An aging Brigitte doppelgånger followed me after

the show:  Rickie Lee Jones   The Other Side of Desire

Brigitte fell into paroxysms of grief for her lost youth

Right there on the street in front of the Lightbox theatre

she shrieked: They throw you away like a used kleenex 


I’d offered her some  but she demurred    Tears +mucous

mixed with mascara  + MAC’s  Exaltation  flowed     The

alchemical dictionary defines exaltation as:  an operation

by which matter is altered    elevated to a  higher dignity

of substance+virtue


How’s this for you: at some point beauty reaches redundancy

then becomes something else   Now the lodestone of dumb daily

obstruction  Under that ruby-red lipstick a hint of the soul clings


Brigitte:  focus on the smooth little pebbles  striped+stippled  the

ones you carried back from a riverbed   Now bend your knee like a

pagan primitive  +ask for:  mild happiness   mild ecstasy   +sacred

ordinary    And you will be free    The wheel will stop + let you off

on Ossington St.   at this little hut where they make  Mac+Cheese  

The hipster chef  a Fisher King





Longest Night  Yule  2015




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