"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Or is there more?   On a pouring early Spring day

here in the North  transported back to childhood

balcony   Home to ghosts+ flea-ridden baby squirrels

Bring one in!   Now littlest brother flea-bitten  eyebrowless


Robin’s nest atop air conditioner next door   Generations

of bird family  our family   survivor family   live out lives in

quiet desperado-burb  where schools close on Yom Kippur

+phonies eat pork on pretty paper plates  


We just eat it with our hands    Poodle atop kitchen table

joins in too   1st boyfriend says: you could get a fork in your

hand at supper    Yes  many tests of mettle in blue kitchen  where

orange hanging lights  with little holes like swiss cheese   Very

Jetsons    (if you are under 40  lose this poem)


Birds building nests  bringing worms   looks like feeding chicks

white regurgitate?   You had to sit quietly for hours to notice   It’s

all in the details   See kitchen Calendar   father’s striking script:

I hope I make it     day of his quadruple bypass surgery


Yes details   The ones never mentioned at fancy Cardiac surgeon’s:

Heart-Lung machines frequently cut off oxygen to the brain  during

surgery   leaving patients with varying degrees of impairment    Father

made it   but never re-appeared


In the end a bird-redemption  hundreds of wrens gathered  to take him

to his other home  where the buffalo roam  +the sky it ain’t cloudy  no more



heart lung machine

Frankenstein  circa 1984   Heart-Lung mo fo



2 days til Spring 2016     RIP  d. bird  coolest cowboy in the land



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