"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Peacefully shouting obscenities   carrying placards

denouncing everything  is the sine qua non of democracy

Seems the Donald  wasn’t at Civics class that day   Think:

Pussy Riot  Donald!  They recently received a heroine’s welcome



You are starting to sound a lot like  your doppelgänger Vlad    Think:

chest pounding+naked to the waist  (while trying to hold onto your

biscuits  beleaguered reader)    A 78 yr. old Trump supporter after sucker

punching a protester: He deserved it   The next time we see him  we may

have to kill him   Donald will pay John McGraw’s legal fees    Think: Gulag



Today front+centre in The Globe  Canada’s National Newspaper  a bloody

execution is chronicled: naked man spread eagled  shields his privates   He is

covered in blood from savage beatings   He is sobbing   Off to the side a tall man

with a slim-jim automatic weapon  shoots him   This is Liberia  where the naked

man had been caught foraging for   food


Is it a far cry to imagine  what President Trump would do to: Muslims   fleeing

Mexican families   the wives+children of terrorists (I will kill them too)    even

members of the Press  for whom threats have been made on National tv    He is

beginning to sound a lot like   Comrade Stalin  a strongman  a thug    +TRUMPGRAD

signs are in the works for the re-naming of   NYC   secretly stored away until erection

day 2017



Washington January 2017:

two mounds in the snow  one of which broke open  and up out of which

a figure sat suddenly  like some terrible hatching..   

Blood Meridian   Cormac McCarthy



Spring 2016


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