"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



is life linear  or a circle?  or a collection of single-day

sagas   disconnected lines  to nowhereville?   fading

pictures on the fridge  each day boy in Batman pose

+girl with big feet  +nose  that took a lifetime to grow

into   disappear


maybe it’s all just the sleight of hand of a cunning old

malabarista    the boy was Batman  still is Batman  on days

when caped crusaders are in short supply  his train takes

whores +gamblers


the girl was always scholarly  even recorded her professor’s

breaths   he breathes life into the system of checks +balances

natty professor Smith  in bow tie  poly-sci 101   circa 1977

40yrs. later  a man with a yellow comb-over  may become the

funhouse supervisor    screw checks +balances


then on a craggy Big Sur beach  a giant Walt Whitman lookalike

reads her Leaves of Grass  pacific ocean  body electric  rouge wave

had taken the daughter of a suicided mother just yesterday   and the

sign said    BEWARE OF:  ROGUE WAVES  


and handsome pretenders to Walt’s throne (she had a lifelong

susceptibility to charlatans)   +the future    it will keep on spitting her

+ Batman out    wet and weary   in scenes beautiful  and cruel   in hospitals

graveyards  +an airport hangar to pick up a mail-order mastiff   from Colorado



the truth about the world   it is   a fevered dream   a trance repopulate with

chimeras   an itinerant carnival   a migratory tent show  whose ultimate

destination in many a mudded field is unspeakable and calamitous beyond

reckoning     (Cormac McCarthy   Blood Meridian)





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