"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I live the poet’s life!  he said   One of my brothers

told him he looked like Zappa  the other he was

full of shit   Charlatans like this captured my fancy

by the dozens back in the days of yore


Now I know the dung-heap rejectee for all that he is

+all that he wantstobe   See him there  leering   with not

a little lust for my last clutch of middle-years youth   Red

dress sashaying  scintillating repartee   Weight of yearning

about my hooded eyes


1950’s father would have surely taken him outside   where

he’d have sent the bullshit+machiavellian grin  to the moon

Alice  to the moon   When men were men  and real men ate

poets for breakfast





Spring  2016


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