"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What would Gorby say?  Would he recognize the world today?

These days Daesh makes the Cold War seem child’s play    Oh

that’s a soft target  said the pundit   31 dead   200+ injured  pre-

security check-in Brussels    Airport loungers lying in blood +shoes


Bombs in suitcases on trolleys   injuries below the knees    You know

what that means   Boston Marathon re-play of instant severings    All

human flesh: soft-target  at malls  theatres  +hotels  near you    There

is a fierce urgency of now  Dr. King said from a balcony   1960’s USA

before the day bullet splayed +bloody   at 39


Remember Coretta’s face?  Jackie’s pink suit  clawing her way onto the

trunk?   The naked child running along a path from raped village  Viet Nam

We play characters who exist on multiple levels of dissemblance  concealing

hatred  +fear   putting one’s best foot forward


There is a Happiness Movement  afoot    Zombies like you+me are encouraged

to: walk in a way that is associated with happiness   This will elevate the mood

 of those of us who still have 2 legs to stand on   In Brussels today surgical theatres

are being readied for appendage removals  +re-assemblies    Once again fewer of

us are in a position to adopt the  Superman Pose   highly recommended by

Happiness gurus everywhere





Adopting this pose for 5 minutes will increase

happiness +confidence 10fold

with a selfie  50fold



Spring  2016


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