"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



One of the most depraved characters in all American Lit

has to be Judge Holden  Blood Meridian  Little girls disappear

whenever he is near  Little boys kept as pets  shot in head

when playtime over  splayed  upon his lap  In the final 1/4 of

the tome  the idiot   brother of a carnival man  becomes the Judge’s



Now on a leash  raped with regularity   Judge often naked  Huge+

pale  +hairless  with small eyes   Giant pigman   Enormous infant

Says he’ll never die  Debauched God of America  Land of the free

Judge says that a man seeks his destiny  but no matter the detours

will always come to the selfsame reckoning


All of us bears in a collar  +frilly tutu  +chains   bears that dance  

bears that don’t   Yesterday a near crucified comrade wrote: And all

the sinners saints   Carrying his cross across the Americas  to get to

the very same place   The crucible where Lucifer  lays his soul to waste


Yet it was he who mailed me regularly small talismans  a crown  a scarred

heart  the hebrew symbol Chai    Life    Small inducements to keep on  going

After all it’s a great thing  the dance   Dance dog!  Dance Pig!   Stop searching

+save your last dance for me   And rail  rail against the tethered destiny prophecy



*Research has shown that those who do  experience: shortness of breath  blurred

vision  heart palpitations  erections   +hallucinations   After which the leather strap

springs open



“ESTRAGON: I can’t go on like this.

VLADIMIR: That’s what you think.”


“POZZO: I don’t seem to be able…(long hesitation) to depart.

ESTRAGON: Such is life.”


Samuel Beckett  Waiting For Godot 



SPRING  2016


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