"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Barry Hurts  film critic  calls Sleeping Giant a visceral

portrait of the ugliness that is growing up  Think about it

untold tragedies dot the horizon   Or don’t  think about it

that is   because they do   4 recent deaths by their own hands

5 by slow decay  in our small circle alone


Legendary author  Jim Harrison  warned us: Nobody can be

helped by anybody   He of death by no determined cause at 78

just last week   Jim had a great  been passed the secret   face   While

Barry Hurts may have had a childhood of unquiet desperation  ugly

+perhaps dank


But there are still those among us who can conjure scenes sans

lysergic acid diethylamide  of: whistling cardshark uncles   a man

named after The Stork  who brings popcorn+Mars bars to unruly

children  +vomiting dogs  +1 rabbit who escaped the idyll  not

unscathed  Rarebit for fatfoxy in backyard


Children kept from vicissitudes except for the internecine warfare

of groundhogs who nearly ate smallest brother  Father took him to a

psychiatrist   Truth will not set you free  Childhood memories tainted

dreamscapes   Cardshark uncle  molester of the pretty   +un-pretty


Still there was a horse named Tex  +a giant’s cabin in the Laurentian

Mountains by a Precambrian lake!  (how does water not fall off a

mountain?)    Cardshark uncle sat near wood stove    Lake was a moss

gunked marsh    Water too obscene+green to fall off of mountain


But no drive UP  has ever been filled with such naked lust  for life

We large apes are creatures who lie down on pallets of all shapes +

sizes  Lock our doors +windows  +leave our bodies through small ego-

cides for 6-8hrs. nightly   There we live  with ardent abandon   Uncles

morph into duckbilled platy-pie with longish ropes  for wrangling


Last night my husband’s water broke  +the skeleton of a 1.1 metre

tall individual would be found the next day in the Liang Bua cave

Homo floresiensis  the Hobbit of apes    And there under your own

bed   under the loose floorboard  rests the bones of the child you

never were



Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness

And they live by what they hear    Such people become crazy

or they become legend.     Jim Harrison  RIP

Jim Harrison



Spring 2016

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