"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Why make it plain as day Mr. Curator?   Louis Jacob

/OUTSIDERS  A.G.O.  asks us: Do you recognize yourselves

in the monkey’s otherness?  He tells us: dividing lines

conjoin what they separate    A Jazz riff plays  somewhere

down the hall    A white woman  +a negro man hold a chimp

in NYC   it is 1967


Gary Winograd the artist tells us: the monkey is the product of 

miscegenation   The woman beside me says: bit too long for

scrabble   Dividing lines have never conjoined slave +master  only

rape  aka misegenationdegredation  also too long for scrabble


This week the old white Jew who is running for President said:

White people don’t live in the ghetto   A word politically corrected

into oblivion   He was instantly excoriated   And though his language

is dated  the word ghetto  as in Warsaw Ghetto  never went away   Jews

by the 100,000’s  murdered there   1942


If a word grows up out of the dung heap of racism   why not keep it there?

Who is allowed to use the N word   Kyke   Ghetto?   Relics of a time when

schools were segregated  +washrooms at Toronto’s beaches had signs:

No dogs   Negros  or Jews  


What word would you choose to describe the huge tracts of tenement blocks

in every American city  where a disproportionate number of African Americans

live?   The Projects?   Whitewashing the truth   You cannot take the word Ghetto

out of the Ghetto   Why not call a spade a spade?   Who you saying lives in fear?



What I want  

What I am  

What you force me to be  

Is what you are

(Gordon Parks  1st African American Photographer  

Life Magazine  1967)



Winograd chimp

Gary Winograd American Photographer  1928-1984




Spring 2016







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One thought on “GHETTO

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    The King would have approved of this one!

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