"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



2nd visit to Song Dong’s Courtyard A.G.O.

Karen Kain is still trapped   The smell of death

diminished since pieces first uncrated   Tears+

mildew evaporated into thin air?  Or settled into

the hair +crevices of A.G.O. minions   See the little

ghost-girls now escaped from mirrors  running free

through the gallery    Canada’s invisible refugees


This hall of mirrors is growing on me  in all of it’s

wretched un-glory  I sniff the wisdom of the poor   It

smells like bread  +resurrection



(companion piece to: CREEP SHOW PEEP SHOW AGO  

January 28, 2016)



Karen Kain Song Dong

Karen Kain In Song Dong’s Courtyard  A.G.O. 2016



Spring 2016

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