"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



said a friends’s brother when asked why he was checking

himself out of the Psych. Ward   This in the midst of a world

wide Happiness Revolution  according to Neil Pasricha: The

Book of Awesome   More Awesome   +Awesomer     Neil needs

some valium to regulate his moods   Isn’t too much happiness

also the definition of mania? 


And what really has Neil given the world?  Other than 1 more

reason for us to feel  less than  having squandered our happiness

behind the tasty freeze   Who among us truly lives by the George

Costanza mantra: LIVE DAMMIT!  other than under 13 yr. old

children   When the future begins looming  +one’s innocence fuses

with alcohol  +weed   +first hand jobs   growing into a jaded fatigue


So when our heroes begin to die  +trite clichés fly  who sells their shit

and moves to Tunis?  More likely there is reflection on the construction

of your fragile self  back in a suburban bedroom  When Neil +David +Joni

burned the midnight oil  constructing a fearless girl revolutionary   The you

who would go to California parties  +ride into the sunset beside Mick


Today’s shriven psyche  is misty   Inertia  tinged with occasional wonder at

the almost unrecognizable face emerging   Last night I met a fairly wasted  (in

every sense) man  at a party  who struck me as somewhat free  though unbearably

Narcissus   He looked like a corpulent Zappa  +asked me to run away in his Carrera


I ponder this in light of new information  His father shot himself close to the boy’s

6th b. day  (but he’s brilliant  brilliant!  my cousin said)  I am waiting on the corner

with a light bag  packed with neatly folded melancholy  READY  for those California




Enjoy every sandwich!  Warren Zevon  dying of cancer at 56




Spring 2016




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