"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Cue card with poet’s words lifted by a bitter wind  cutting into

fashionably bare cankles    fuck offfffff    growls poet   who has

also slapped an albino squirrel   Hard   Gnarly April chill  breeds

aggression   Won’t you join the: Please Stop Lena Dunham From

Moving To Canada  (if the Donald becomes President)  Movement?


Lena is threatening  flaccid arm hoisted  in jiggly Panther salute

Last night she bared her privates  yet again  for your sins    Secretly

Lena wonders what she might have been   Queen of Shallow longs for

gravitas   Try keeping nasty bits in yer pants


Now a hipster lovely begins to circle closely    She raps about Moses in

the bullrushers   Post seder apocalypse is nigh   as chastened squirrel

limps by   +the Donald holds fast to his plan   He’ll build a wall between

America  +an ancient people  for whom life is a circle  not a line


He’s on the straight+narrow with Mammon as his guide  while Itzpapalotl

throws back her head  ready to devour   Yellow comb-over   notwithstanding



Itzpapalotl 2

Aztec Goddess Itzpapalotl  when rendered as a blonde

looks alarmingly like Melania






Spring 2016





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