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The fountain is empty of water  but full of dense debris

Yellow dandelions dot the lawn  Even the reflecting pond

is muddied   My face distorted +flotsam    2 Canada geese

shriek like Joplin as they land in jetsam  inches deep


I have knelt here on+off for 8 years   Never geese  never garden

debauchery   Today I came to contemplate  never   actually

As she  lays dying in a western city  it occurs to me  that though

you may think the 1st cut is the deepest   It is not


1st death a shock  yes    But in ensuing years the real meaning of

never  sinks in  until you are quite certain that:  forever  +never

have the same root meaning  +it is:  gaping hole    So that the next

time around you will feel instantly the chill of hell freezing  over

trapping forever  romantic notions of pearly gates  and an after-party



The reason you will not say it, is, when you say it, even to yourself,

 you will know it is true  


How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof  thinking of home


(William Faulkner  As I Lay Dying)



Spring 2016

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