"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It is still a crime to be gay in more than 75 countries  +a capital

offense in at least 13  Nazis hunted gays relentlessly  See how far

we have not come   Huge swath of humanity still on the run   Hate

crimes provoked by sexual orientation remain as high as ever  Should

you think that everything is better  look more closely


See the savage backlash for same sex marriage   See the savage shooting

spree: Pulse nightclub  Orlando USA  America’s latest killing field   Perp

also scouted Disney    An equal opportunity hater?     Let’s look deeper

The shooter claimed he was inspired by ISIS  who fling homosexuals from

tall buildings   Yet Omar Mateen was frequently seen at Pulse    He was

known there


Perhaps his rage was against his own impulses  against his confusion  +self-hate

Perhaps 50 men+women died for his shame?   As I write the Angels are screaming:

BUILD THAT WALL!  to finally protect heaven from earthdwellers   Angels do not

differentiate based on labels i.e.  race  gender  sexual orientation  religion   therefore

many more of us will now sign up for that one way flight to Mars   Yes   Heaven was a

wonderful idea   in theory



Some like to imagine a cosmic Mother watching through a spray of stars

Mouthing yes  yes  as we toddle toward the light  Longing to sweep us to her

breast  she hopes for the best   (Tracy K. Smith  Life On Mars  Pulitzer Prize)


** A 2012 study: Journal of Personality & Social Psychology showed the 

most hostile respondents toward gay people were more likely to have

repressed same sex desires. Feelings of shame can lead to self-hatred

and lashing out sadistically, at those in whom we see our most hated

selves reflected.




Spring  2016

RIP 50 men+women massacred at Pulse  18-50 yrs. old

Edward Sotomayor Jr. 24  was shot in the back while protecting his boyfriend

with his body.  He loved Alice in Wonderland and was always smiling.  We aren’t

going to be scared vowed George Tuttle, his best friend. He would want us to

celebrate with pride. (Globe & Mail June 14, 2016)



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