"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Every time I open the screen doors up here on the 4th

floor of urban townhouse  painted a now dirty putty

the noise level is extreme: drilling jack hammers beeps

of backing up trucks +the occasional ice-cream man

singing   These  neighbour Bob  daily tries to sabotage:


They keep the goddamned motor running day + night  

I don’t care where the children of artists get their fucking

Hagen Dås


Think besmirched Tuscan villa where decadent hipsters

slouch in Indica clouds   Weed dispensaries in grey area

since Mayor Tory od’d: man the THC levels are off the

map in nouveau mary-jean   The streets of our city have

reached  a new level of mean


The microcosm in the macrocosm   A platitude used by my

clinical supervisor 20 years ago today (add Israeli accent for



So when the aliens come all green-skinned + midget   we will

not welcome them with open arms as was thought mid 20th C

We will instead eye them suspiciously  + wonder what diseases

they bring


Later freeze drying them  after experimenting on their unborn

foetus’ (alien stem cell research)  But in the end it will all be okay

For unlike the naked ape  they do not love  nor worship a God

created in the image  of an AK-15



*the film Psycho proved Hitchcock’s biggest, though the studio

refused to underwrite it. Critics remained divided when the low

budget film had its debut. But audiences immediately responded

to a level of sex and violence previously unseen in North American






Spring 2016  a time of bacchanal +bloodlust


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