"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He thought I was talking about the Stevie song

so he serenaded me with  very superstitious   +

then went into a rousing  isn’t she lovely    Stevie

was the furthest thing from my mind


I had said  putting too fine a point on the word  decaf:

jittery enough  can’t walk under trees  when ginger-

bearded barista morphed into Stevie   Slightly endearing

mostly not  but I went along   No energy to decline his



Saturday  30 yr. old Pierre  removed by 6 degrees from my

family  was killed by an Oak afflicted with  summer drop   a.k.a.

water rot in giant branches  leads to a POP  + a crash    Pregnant

wife pushed out of the way


Note found at make-shift shrine:  You don’t know me but i held

your hand while you died   Arborists weighing in as city lawyers up

Tree drop a gruesome exit    Wonder has gone missing from the park

Citydwellers discomfort in outdoor spaces increased exponentially

See how close they sit    Aloneness on grass a worse fate


This  while the Summer blockbuster  Zero K  asks:  what’s the point of

living if we don’t die at the end?    The holy grail of life is not death    It

is living as though you won’t succumb to:  summer drop or a warm gun

face radiant with resurrection  which is still free



*There exists in Scottsdale Arizona a facility called: Alcor Life Extension

Foundation, where fees range from $100,000 for just your brain

(neurocryopreservation)  to $200,000 for whole body preservation.

The baseball player Ted Williams is there.  Life everlasting belongs to those 

of breathtaking wealth.  (Don DeLillo  Zero K  2016)


**There’s green money, and oil in drums.  Our faulty eyes, our telltale heat,

Our hearts ticking through our shirts.  Of course life is ours.  If it’s anyone’s

it’s ours.   (Tracey K. Smith  Pulitzer Prize  2011  & AAC addition of word: life)



First Day of Summer 2016  


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