"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



the city was a treasure -box full of ivory, spices, ebony,

indigo, slaves, apes, shining domes, and Jews. (The World

of Venice. Jan Morris)


Did you know that the word ghetto was coined in Venice?

In 1516  one of the first forcible segregations for religious

differences  (build that wall!)    The area was originally an

old foundry  geto    Then a place of surveillance +crowding

5,000 Jews by the 17th century  450 remain    Assimilation

+persecution  finishing the  work  Hitler started   (Warsaw

Ghetto held 400,000 Jews    300,000 exterminated)


So many dispersions  so many Jewish refugees   places like Canada

said:  None is too many    Now Europe is in the clutches of xenophobes

+a new racism   With veiled movements like  Brexit  there have been

more than 100 hate incidents since the country voted to LEAVE    Playing

into the hands of ISIS  no?   While chaos reigns +race hatred grows  young

men who do not need a state to exist  behead at will  +slouch toward the EU

to be born


What matters to IS and will allow it to persist, is the shared mindset of large

numbers of people around the world – from hundreds of thousands to millions

who have lost confidence in their existing political, religious, and socio-economic

institutions.  (Globe+Mail  June 28, 2016)


Like I said to the doorman the other night

Some moon, huh

You should have seen it before the war Miss

We must not get used to this   


(RIP: C.D. Wright  American poet)




Summer  2016


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