"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Lightening storm passing overhead   In my car  where it’s

said to be safest place   Tires rubber  run for cover  Saw puff

of blue tinged smoke coming out of giant oak   Will it fall on me?


A turbulent Canada Day   2 amigos gone home   1 who remains

speaks with forked tongue   Builds jeeps for Saudis   Hires new nanny

+promises to pay   Wife needs more staff   2 nannies+1 assistant  still

late for yoga class


Man who lives on park bench  in navy+orange rain slicker   with:

what would jesus buy?  written across chest   Another fork of lightening

splits the sky   CN tower draws it down  like EU draws terrorists  now

circling tents  where there is chaos +disintegration of moral fibre


Boris  former mayor of London  after stirring cauldron of hate  does not

prevaricate  I ain’t the bloke to replace  disgraced  Cameron    Markets

tumble further  And somewhere in London the sign that says: Go Home

Polish Vermin  combusts spontaneously  leaving a cross with bent nails


See the faint outline of Europe hanging  if you squint  or is it an IS youth

sharpening his knife?   Last night in a fortified town  Gaza   a 17 yr.old

palestinian boy  climbed into the bedroom of a 13 yr. old Israeli girl   +

stabbed her to death    Blood flows into tributaries of the River Babylon


Stigmata of World Wide Hate courses its way across old caravan routes

Mother Teresa + Lady Diana weep   I sit on roof of hipster hotel   There’s a

guy up here with a black mask over his face  +a billy club at his waist   No one

skips a beat   So used to masked men are we


A hip girl shrieks: I wanna see a black mermaid emoji  I need variety  Whoever

that emoji fucker is  I want his name  Emoji fucker will change the world       








Summer 2016



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