"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



1/3 of all Ontario high school students are

suffering from moderate to severe depression

+ anxiety   This an alarming leap from 2013

when only 1/4 rated their mental health as fair

to poor


Why would this be the case?   In a world where a

man with yellow hair +a perma-tan is the newest

opoid  of the masses   Forget hillbilly heroin  the

Donald is: cultural heroin  according to the Atlantic

Monthly   Then there’s  Melania  real housewife from

hell   teasing us with bromides cribbed from  Michelle!


Let’s face it  the kids are spending 5 hrs a day plugged

in   wondering when the next lone wolf is coming to a

theatre near you   And worrying about a virus found recently

in  Culex quinquefaciatus  a mosquito 20 times more common

than the one behind Dengue


We have yet to find an exotic alien civilization  +are faced with

the cold realization  that humanity may be truly alone   Except

for the man with yellow hair: Americans call them hillbillies,

rednecks, white trash, but I call them friends +family


Kids  your life is ahead of you  the world your oyster!  Bromides+

platitudes   Grab hold of the chair in your parent’s kitchen  + don’t

let them pry your fingers off  or tempt you with slogans like:

Real war heroes don’t get captured








Summer 2016




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