"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



men are gesticulating menacingly   i see them

in the rearview regularly   my driving is not all

that it might be   no doubt struggling with ptsd

the last lone-wolf attack in Nice  has left me

scanning the streets for white cube trucks  with



why did he rent a mini morgue?   had he intended

to store the crushed bodies for experiments?   no

that was Mengele   wrong war   Today i did see a white

truck  +imagine it running amok in trinity bellwoods

park   eviscerating the curated calm


when a woman runs smack into my car   she hits with a

thud  +falls to the ground   then up on her feet  she sprints

down queen street   i make eye contact with the driver next

to me  his eyes suggest a shrug  of complicity?


i step out into traffic+honking   +run my hand over the

madonna shaped dent   i wonder if this speaks of a turning

point  as marian apparitions often do



In the spring and summer of 1916, nine-year-old Lucia Santos and her cousins 

were herding sheep near their home village of Fátima, Portugal. They claimed to

have experienced the visitation of an angel on three occasions. The angel identified

herself as “The Angel of Peace”.  This visitation was deemed belief worthy in 1946.



Mid Summer  2016

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One thought on “MADONNA

  1. grafikmilk on said:

    ive been planning a white cube truck painting. but not for this reason… good one !

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