"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The next revolution is of the Pokemon variety

Just download the app  Pokemon Go  +your

smartphone GPS will lead you to monsters

embedded in historical sites  like:  Auschwitz

the Holocaust Museum D.C.  +the National War



Just be careful if you play the game in a state where

open/carry  is all the rage  or  stand your ground  is firmly

in place   You may bump into a gunslinger at McDonald’s

where 3.6 million Pikachus have been hidden   And if it is

after a U.S. massacre where an AR-15 was used  it is likely

your gunslinger will use one on you +blow your Pokemon

ass from here to the Pecos



*in the wake of all U.S. gun massacres the shooter’s gun of 

choice sells out in seconds


** west of the Pecos River  a 19th century place of wild west mayhem

like much of the continental U.S. today where in 2013 there were 

30,636 deaths by gun violence


Summer 2016

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