"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Does man want to prove that there is life

on other planets  or  that he exists?   Theories

abound re: human consciousness   A mote in

the eye of the Lord gone rogue  stuck on ON

Meaningless static


Today my significant other said the next revolution

will be  the revolution of meaning  When the bloom

falls from the rose of materialism  +those who have

never sought meaning  (mostly because it’s free)  will

sharpen their forks  +fight you for yours


Culled in the desperate hours when you pined away for

2.5 vacations annually  +a cottage on a packed peninsula

where you would sit  sweaty+corpulent  Blissfully unaware

that in Jeb’s boathouse over there  unspeakable things are

being done to the fatted calf



Summer  2016

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