"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He was a sturdy spider   A jumper  with thick

juicy legs    I chased him for 20 minutes

pulling a muscle  +smashing a $5,900 Meisen

clock   The cherubs wept bitterly  resisting my

efforts to placate with minuscule gummy Mary Jane

+copious amounts of crazy glue   Louboutin shoe now

securely glued to fashionable jacuzzi tub


Spider juice runs an obscene blue+kelly green   Every

night I hear hopeless cherubs moan  as spider guy’s ghost

bites me through 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets   Luxuries

not distraction enough from headlines  or creeping paranoia

Mary Jane gummies finally getting the best of me


Osama’s son Hamza: #WEAREALLOSAMA  (are we all Gautama  +the

crucified fisherman too?)  now in his mid 20’s  threatens a  9/11 re-do

Lives in a bunker to this day   Father’s blood paints walls inky red  obscene

brain splats  a Rorschach for the ages



In another twist  Aspire Assist  has been developed by U.S. doctors   A weight

loss tool  both effective +profitable  A device is surgically placed in the stomach

with a port just above the belly-button  to jettison a portion of one’s meal   How to

deal with juxtapositions?   The sublime+ the ridiculous   The sacred+ the mundane

What would Jesus say?




Brad Pitt + Hermann Rorschach

a juxtaposition for the ages








Summer  2016


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One thought on “KILLER

  1. grafikmilk on said:

    I was just going to say smashing pumpkins then i see you have the video ! rock on

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