"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



bernie so cute  take him home to meet

my mother   michelle  giantess in flats

blue swirly dress   monica wore a blue

dress too  now it’s in smithsonian   she

can’t walk down the street  or hold her

head high   so kneels daily in synagogue

thirsty   +unrepentant


if hillary  the best changemaker  aw shucks

bill knows  is not elected  monica may be

beatified by bernie’s tribe   bill  feeble +

hoarse  holds his head high  but leaves out

lewinsky   juiciest tidbit in mundane speech

about wife’s perfection   if she was so perfect

why bill  why?


double standard  though impeached  off scot-

free   would you buy a used car from this man?

Yet his was hardly the 1st oval office/cum brothel

Jackie kept kids in another house down the road

so that when marilyn visited  her barren womb

would not cry a river for soon slain brothers


their pool parties with starlets  included a future suicide

+another  beheaded in a collision   would bernie do that to

jane?  he spoke with such fervour on monday  you want to

protect him  from  good men who do nothing  +mad donald’s

mob  who will make america hate again




Summer 2016






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