"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I kept my wits with me and I tried to get my

rubbers off but I couldn’t  I said I’ll end my life

right here   Tony Morgan 79  after colliding with

a 40 tonne Humpback in Newfoundland last week

His younger brother Jerry  dead from Lou Gehrig’s

pushed him up out of the water


Not so fortunate a 33 yr. old Somali man  who in

another part of the country  was beaten to death with

clubs by police  They hit until he pass away  until he

dead   His 5 brothers  nor his suicided father could save

him   You can’t help but think if he was another colour


He was not perceived as a troublemaker  but ran from police

who used batons+pepper spray on the mentally ill brother

The most gruesome thing I ever saw  said a witness  This in:

a gentrifying area of downtown Ottawa!


The first Monarch appears beside me on its way to Mexico via

Pelee + Appalachia  heralding the end of this bloody summer –

the hottest in Canadian history


Save us from shotguns and father’s suicides.

John Berryman  The Dream Songs  1959



Late Summer  2016

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