"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



June 7 1848  Gaugin born  Paris   died Tahiti 1903

He embraced la vie d’artiste bohème  Called himself

a savage  Deserted 5 children in full rebellion against

bourgeois respectability   So enamoured was he with

pert brown breasts  Exploitation or exaltation? You tell



Reportedly wed increasingly younger girls  prepubescent

queens  Elevated debauchery to fauve glory  Initiation rituals

now considered child rape  But then we are a species who as

recently as 1980 routinely subjected babies to open heart surgery

without anesthesia  because: infant brains were not developed

enough to feel pain  ditto  the 9 yr. old hymen of 1893


So when the sun finally sets on human civilization  will it still be

believed that the size of the wise ape’s brain is related to: sophistication

of social behaviour?  What would the yellow-haired ape have to do prior

to the coming U.S. election for the nobility of his party to outright reject

him   +send him gibbering back to a padded room at Mar-a-Lago?


What might this act be?  Jolt land of the free out of complacency   Make

Brexit regret look like child’s play   Wait until he begins  the rounding up

the barbing of wire  a la 1933   Too extreme?  Or has the last remnant of the

American dream finally been scraped off of the glass ceiling?  So that you

might almost see the human spark when it first began to glow!


Flowers rotting, flies web caught; riots, roars of caged lions, clowns in

love with dollar bills, nations moving people like pawns. But they’ve

left us a bit of music, a jigger of scotch, a small volume by Rimbaud,

and a horse running as if the devil were twisting his tail.

(Charles Bukowski  Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Poems  1972)



Late Summer 2016     Have you no decency Sir?


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