"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Sitting at the confluence of an ancient riverbed +

hipster heaven   The gold howlin wolf  glinting

Children dressed in Lulu dispirited in the

splashing pool   I’m bored   I want  more  


Every day at 2  the young staff don rubber boots

+Hazmat suits   They scour stylish kid gunk  as

purebred dogs hump long legged girls  with wild



The weed store on the corner beckons with free

samples  +gummies for the kids!  The tree above me

has a neon green cross sprayed on decaying trunk

The weed freebie makes me bold  +foolhardy


I sit beneath a branch after measuring the trajectory

of a sudden drop  Like the one that killed Pierre  just over

there  last week   Memorial flowers rotting in Delta-like heat

What does the neon cross mean?


A word would be helpful Parks & Rec. people: safe   run   widow maker  

fool     Instead today’s national newspaper tells me that: there is no non

physical soul  or ego   These scientists +philosophers must be really

depressed   Or perhaps not believe that sex is like pizza  even bad sex

is still pretty good?


Michael Graziano  neuroscientist at Princeton says: Consciousness is a con

game   The brain playing with itself   Mystical masturbation?   Graz has never

heard  Summertime  + likely suffers from a gluten allergy


While Giullio Tononi  a major force in the science of consciousness  predicts that

devices as simple as thermostats +dildos  have glimmers of soul   Ditto that a dvd

player can be many times more conscious than the human brain


So  are we just depressed computers?   And soul the ghost in the machine?

Will Pierre’s unborn son   present at his father’s crushing   not sit by the very

same tree  somewhere around 2023 + know his father intimately?






..witnesses say that Pierre pushed his pregnant wife to safety

just as the giant branch popped..


Summertime  2016


*Falling tree limbs have injured or killed at least 20 people in 

the past 7 yrs. in Toronto, which is falling short of a goal set to

prune trees every 7 yrs.  Now pruning every 15 yrs., and 

paying more than 2 million in liability claims so far this past 7 yrs.

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