"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Have you ever seen the full majesty of flaming

comet dust?   Tonight the Perseid meteor shower

debris trail of the Swift-Tuttle comet  will be burning

up  in brilliant streaks of light


I saw one the other night  over the Chocolate factory

gentrification of Massey-Ferguson industry  in cripplingly

hip Arts+Design district   I wondered if it was a divine sign:

GO WEST!   Finish the aborted vision quest begun 30 yrs.

ago  in San Francisco


When one’s heart had way less dark goo  pooling inside young

arteries   A cardiologist from Princeton claims that my rotting

cells  akin to blackened shrunken apples  shown in the sidebar

of his infomercial  are crying out for avocados  olive oil  + a new



Materialism +a North American diet of donuts (Glory Hole down the

street makes the best Creme Me Ups you’ve ever seen)  has rendered

me heartless   +ready to believe in Hillary   Unless she is assassinated

by the 2nd Amendment people


Yet in the midst of this anomie  I earnestly applaud Jeni Stepien who

walked down the aisle with her father’s heart  transplanted into Art

Thomas  who gave her away   Her father Michael was shot on his way

home from work in a teenaged armed robbery   My own father’s heart

sits in a jar on my shelf   Enlarged by wanderlust +entropy   he was not

a candidate for transplant surgery


Jeni & Art

Jeni Stepien + Art Thomas dance at her wedding



Summer  2016 the pre-dawm hours of Friday Aug. 12th there will be

200 meteors a minute..

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