"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Yesterday I heard an artist wax poetic on:

turning 50  her divorce  her affair  +the

purpose of the female orgasm   I could smell

her youth dying  musty wet +cheesy


Apparently in  lower  mammals  who don’t

ovulate monthly  the orgasm sets off a chain of

events producing an egg at will!   This sounds a

lot more complex than in the higher apes   A

profundity-fecundity   if you will


It seems too that the clitoris is simply packed with

nerve endings  over 8,000!  It is likely the only human

body part created for pleasure alone   Unlike that mean

machine  the penis  responsible for procreation+urination


Hence female circumcision  a.k.a. genital mutilation

ensuring there is never pleasure  only pain    Turn women

toward more noble endeavours  such as producing babies

with newly sewn vaginas


The question would then seem to be: is the vulva a thing  or

is it an absence of thingness?  Certainly the penis  so much

easier to get a handle on  protrudes  exuding confidence +

sacred substances   See da Vinci’s lovingly rendered sketches

of the male anatomy  circa 1493


And do note that the human clit was not ultra-sounded until 2009!

When it was found that the 8,000 nerve endings are just the tip

of the iceberg  +that lying inside the labi-rinth  is a chamber   One

where the Gods  well hidden from prying eyes  have been transmuting

base metals into gold   It is also the place where we women store

the missing earrings of our husband’s whores



a man’s woman

the dream of a man

is a whore with a gold tooth


with false eyebrows


salami breath

high heels

a little bit fat

a little bit drunk

and who will stay a week

just one week


(Charles Bukowski  1972)



Summer 2016   hottest summer since 1947



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