"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Last night a huge meteor streaked past my

window  right in front of the glowy-red CN

Tower   Every night a light show wizard at

the switch  He must be on lysergic acid  Some

nights the show induces vertigo


But this light show was the real deal  +billions

of years old   Not 48  +disconsolate on Front St.

It flashed by as my brain strained to:  a) determine

if a nuclear attack   b) make meaning of the bluey –

green ball of fire  with a yellow tail


I already miss it  +know that I am as likely to see it

again  as are the 323 reindeer struck by lightening in

Hardangervidda Norway  to rise from the dead   Grassy

mountain plateau covered in carcasses    Is that one with

a red nose?  (see photo: Globe +Mail  August 30, 2016)


And as for meaning  maybe there is no meaning  No grand

scheme  No raison d’être   Just a lot of ancient shit  not backlit

floating around in my life   in our lives   Waiting to escape through

brokenhearts  +mysterious black soulholes    (saddest line ever!)


My friend told me that his new mantra is: LIG  Let It Go  This is noble

Mine is  They Shoot Horses Don’t They    No  truthfully it’s:   LTYT

Lie Through Your Teeth   Just face it   No one’s interested in your deep

truths   or in something you didn’t do




Fall 2016


(August 29, 2016, NE sky , over Ontario,

confirmed by Global Meteor Records  +NASA)





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One thought on “CONSTELLATIONS

  1. Frances Atkins on said:

    Great!!!!!!!!!! Mom

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